> Using only 1 set of keyboard, mouse and monitor to control 8 PCs

>  Support Unix /Windows /Debian /Ubuntu /Fedora /Mac OS X /Raspbian /Ubuntu for Raspberry Pi and other Linux based system

>  With EDID emulators in each input port, keep PCs always having correct display information

>  Support hot plug, connect or disconnect devices to the KVM at any time without turning off devices

>  Support auto switching to monitor computers in a specified time interval

>  Support front panel buttons, IR signals, keyboard hot keys, RS232 serial commands or IP commands to control KVM switch

>  Available to use keyboard and mouse without any delay after switching input sources

>  Support resolution up to 3840*2160@60Hz 4:4:4

> With extra standard USB 2.0 hub port, it is possible to connect barcode scanner, USB hard drive or other USB devices to KVM

>  Support DVI-D single link sources and displays with the use of HDMI-to-DVI adapters