Technical Specifications
Outer Diameter :5.2mm
Fiber optic core diameter :1.0mm
Conductor Material: Japan TORY brand imported fiber core
ApplicationAudio , DVD , Amplifier , Speaker , Game , HUB , Digital VCR , CATV , Computer.
The features
1). Immunity to electromagnetic interference.
2). Using eye-safe visible red light, troubleshooting is quick and easy.
3). Quick and low cost for installation.
4). Light weight, excellent toughness and durability, bending free and easy disposal.
5). Water proof, moisture proof, free of magnetic and thunders.
6). More flexible and cost-effective than copper networking wiring.
7). High Bandwidth, High Speed,Anti-Interference,Low Loss,Reliable and Durable
Available Length: 1.0 m, 1.5 m,3.0 m,5.0 m.