> Aluminum shell, compact size and Slim design, more beautiful than iron shell, strong anti-interference ;
Wall-mounted type is more convenient.
> Distance up to 250m over UTP CAT6 cable.
> Video resolution max up to 1920*1080@60Hz.
> Support 1 to many receivers transmit(253pcs RX over Ethernet switch) .
> Support IR(38khz) signal pass back control .
> HDMI 1.3 and HDCP 1.2 standard.
> High compatibility, can auto-match source and display device.
> Built-in automatic adjustment system, make the image smooth, clear and stable.
> Built-in ESD protection system; Simple to install, plug and play.
> TCP/IP Ethernet communication.
> Pure Ethernet , Simple Cabling .
> Application Fields : 1 : N Solution (Shop, classrooms,Monitor , Digital Camera ,TCP/IP Network ).
> Ordinary 100M or 1000M Ethernet switch.